What to Expect

Business man looking at question marks and solution path concept drawn by hand

And so begins the saga.  Welcome to Striding Studios.  Hope you are ready to go on this journey with me. Check in regularly for some brain food as we unravel what it means to be born an entrepreneur.  I am convinced that true entrepreneurs can not be made.  But don’t confuse my words to mean that success is unattainable to anyone.  Just as the explorers of the 15th century took to the seas, entrepreneurs explore uncharted territory to invent, improve, or create.


“Reinventing a better mousetrap” was the finish line in the 90’s, but a new golden egg dances in the dreams of the new-age entrepreneur.  Trailblazing a new space is what every entrepreneur dreams of.  Create a new market and you’re always first to market.


But this new trophy causes more heartache than joy.  When people climb for the high-hanging fruit, you get a lot of people falling out of trees.  I have met my share of “want-repreneurs”.  Always with the next big idea. Always seeking a sucker investor for their first round of angel seeding.


O.K., great… So who the hell is Bane, and why do I care?  What can Bane do for me?


Stop. Let’s start from the beginning…