Best Types of roofs and shingles

There are many different types of roofing shingles, but each different type has its different costs, benefits, and aesthetics. The most common type is asphalt shingles, which are your standard shingling style for most homes. They are probably the most inexpensive, and also have high durability and weather resistance. They can last a very long time when properly maintained, having a lifespan of anywhere from ten to even thirty years. They are also easily repaired and can be done by do it yourselfers for a pretty low cost. Though a professional contractor might save you some effort, repairs can easily be done with a little research and a ladder in case of damage or leaks. Many different color options are available for asphalt shingling as well.

The next shingle system commonly used is wood shingling. Though this type tends to be more expensive than asphalt shingles, the aesthetic quality trumps the grainy texture of asphalt. They appear more natural to viewers and can give a home a more welcoming atmosphere. Typically these types of shingles are used with brick or even wood house sidings. Varieties come in cedar, redwood, or hardwood similar to hardwood flooring. They also usually have a higher lifespan due to increased hardness, and are less likely to erode under weather. However, it is important to consider that it takes some know how to replace or re-install wood shingles. The aesthetic benefits are superb, but maintenance will usually be performed by professional roofing contractors.

Another type of roof is the metal roof, which has been gaining popularity across the southwest and Midwest United States. They have relatively low upkeep. Metal roofs are galvanized to prevent weather erosion and rusting, and have a nice aesthetic appeal. Typically used with flatter rooflines, metal roofing is a growing consumer product and has a long lifespan of upwards of fifty years. A useful property of metal roofing is also its reflective ability, which can keep energy costs in your home low. However a downside to metal roofing is noisiness during a strong rain or thunderstorm, and expensiveness.

Perhaps the most aesthetically appealing type of roofing is slate shingling. Popular in the Northeast, they have high durability and last as long as metal roofing, if not longer. Though actual slate from a quarry might break most people’s budget, synthetic shingles are available that look just like the real thing. However, due to heaviness and solidity of real slate, there are probably going to be a few broken shingles, or ones that slip free from their binding. This typically occurs when the roof is under overhanging tree branches or in particularly stormy areas.

The last – but not least – type of shingling is tile. Tile shingling is characterized by its Spanish appearance and is commonly found in Southwest America. An expensive shingling option, tile shingles can really make a house stand out aesthetically due to its unique and beautiful appearance. The downside to a tile roof is its cost, but especially its weight – some structures actually may not have the architecture to support tile shingling. But it is definitely still an option for those who want to make their house stand out, and the lifespan is a solid eighty plus years.